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Five American Choreographers to Watch

By Stephanie Wolf for
Dance Informa

03 January 2012

Left: Enos in the studio with Mystic Ballet. Photo by Glenn Goettler.
The transition from dancer to choreographer wasn't difficult for Brian Enos. After performing with the Houston Ballet and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, he was ready for the next phase in his life. "I've never been the kind of person who has to be onstage … I enjoy working in the studio",  he explains.

Brian discovered a knack for choreographing while attending the Houston Ballet Academy. The academy's summer intensive gave him a chance to create and exposed his raw talent to artistic director Ben Stevenson. Impressed by what he saw, Ben asked Brian to choreograph on the professional company – at the time, Brian was only 18 and still a student in the academy.

It's impossible for Brian to describe his work and process in a few select words. "I haven't thought of my pieces as a body of work [because] each is so individual". He says the music and his dancers inform his choreography. "Usually, I spend the first [rehearsal] playing around with material, getting to know the dancers … to see how they work and move".

His next project takes him South, to work with the Nashville Ballet. Now that he is no longer performing, Brian looks forward to exploring choreographic opportunities and further developing his artistic voice.**
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