Brian Enos

Press Quotes

...Enos pushed the boundaries of ballet, making it relevant and exhilarating. He reminded us what dance can do and why we love it. (full review here)

...Enos’s work blew away that of his older colleagues. Perhaps in the coming years he, like Forsythe, will push the limits of ballet for his generation. But he's already got the talent to remind us why we love dance, pure dance, movement and music conspiring to hypnotize an audience. And if he can keep doing that for people, he will be a success.

...his work Landing was, quite frankly, brilliant. [It] was not just a series of steps but an integrated whole. Something that many choreographers never master seems to come naturally to Enos.

...Enos has an unusually adept eye for both the big picture and the details.

Lauren Kern – The Houston Press

The evening's most technically polished and adroitly danced work was Brian Enos' "Whip."

Steve Sucato - Pittsburgh City Paper

…with an almost shocking conviction and complete understanding of the musical requirements of the piece. It's beautifully performed and expressively interpreted by the sextet of highly capable dancers under the direction of an extremely focused choreographer. (full review here)

Jeffrey Ellis - Broadway World

...Former Hubbard Street dancer and choreographer Brian Enos has created a fast paced, sophisticated piece in Ajorca.

Laura Molzahn -

...Enos, Influenced by mentors or not, is a prodigy. The Long Road Home, his second Cullen Series premiere, One again showed an impressive eye for structure that makes it hard to believe he’s just 19 years old.

...The kid’s got excellent instincts. Landing brought down the house.

Molly Glendzer – Houston Chronicle

...a pure musical evocation... Alternately sexy, playful, absurd, and quirkily exotic.

...A second viewing of Brian Enos' new work, Diphthong, set to the hypnotic music of the Belgian-based world beat band Zap Mama, revealed a new richness, as well as a spiritual quality I hadn't detected the first time around.

Hedy Weiss – Chicago Sun-Times

The Ballet world doesn't pass it's torches often, so when a young choreographer is featured alongside top-shelf dancemakers – as is the case in Houston Ballet's “Mentors & Prodigy” - You'd better believe the young'un is good.

Julia Ramey – The Houston Press

...The veteran, Brian Enos, an old hand at serious fare, spread his wings, and good for him. His "Blue Footed Booby" sports a Caribbean-like beat and an insouciantly mix of fun-loving show dance and underlying smart design.

Sid Smith – Chicago Tribune

Brian is an artistic directors dream.

Julie Nakagawa - Artistic Director,
DanceWorks Chicago